Mission Statement

"Our mission is for Ceramicoat to replace all paint made with volatile organic compounds (VOC)

and other toxic solvents that get released into the air on drying, produce greenhouse gas,

affect climate change, are flammable and are suspected of being carcinogenic."

Corosion Protection

As ceramicoat chemically bonds with the substrate it provides a protective coating against corrosion and fire, and has multiple applications including; bridges, power plants, ship hulls, railway carriages, oil rigs, storage tanks, food and chemical plants as well as home and industrial buildings.

Cost Effective

Ceramicoat's single application will save up to $1.24 per square ft in labor costs, as well as reduce delays in construction. It is approximately 50% cheaper than competitive coatings and is expected to last at least twice as long.

Back to Service

Requiring only one coat that is quick drying makes the coating ideal for ‘back to service’ which saves substantial costs in minimizing downtime.


It is comprised of two basic components an acid: mono-potassium phosphate and an alkali: a silicate compound that when combined together form a glassy ceramic finish.


Being inorganic, mineral based and chemically stable, it is expected to last twice as long as conventional coatings. Ceramicoat is comprised of minerals similar to those found on the Delhi Iron Pillar, a monument that is over 1600 years old that has not corroded.

Fire and Heat Resistance

Using Ceramicoat is a safeguard against the spread of fire or smoke within a building, as it does not catch fire nor does it release any gases, toxic or otherwise, during a fire, making it an ideal coating for corrosion and fire protection.


Ceramicoat's patented technology creates its own passivation and protective topcoat in one single application.

No Volatile Organics 1

2x Faster


26 Billion



20 Years of Research

Ceramicoat prevents corrosion, mildew and fire, and is robust in a wide range of chemical, acid, heat and nuclear environments. Governments around the world are mandating an end to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in coatings that produce greenhouse gas emissions. Ceramicoat will become an industry leader with its proven innovative technology that produces 0% VOC.